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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: The times, they are a-changing

In this morning's reads—who am I kidding? You just want to talk about Chivas and the Dispersal Draft and conference alignment and stuff.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

What's happening, friends? It's Tuesday and that means I'm here to give you your Freedom Kicks. Grab your coffee and let me stir in some soccer for you.

I feel like that got weird. Um...links!

Gennaro Gattuso quits then returns as manager at OFI Crete | Soccer Gods
Friendly reminder that Gattuso still angrily exists out there in the world.

Mia Hamm nominated to Roma's board of directors - Yahoo Sports
Mia Hamm is also out there existing, except she is great.

MLS Review: To the postseason we go - ESPN FC
Still playing catch up from this weekend? Jason Davis has got you covered. Get yourself all read up for the postseason because it starts like now.

U.S. soccer’s biggest fans treat every game like it’s the World Cup | For The Win
"The American Outlaws have been around for over six years, but we really came to learn more about them this past summer when they were featured in ESPN promos before the World Cup." Lol k.

Five area college teams to watch - The Washington Post
Your neighborhood college teams are playing some soccer. I am obligated to throw a "Go Navy!" in here for my brother-in-law.

Should referees take a tougher stance on penalty box holding at set-pieces? | Think Football
In case you feel like having a discussion about refereeing and rules and stuff.

Equalizer Soccer – Life after CONCACAF: Major tests still await USWNT on road to World Cup
The U.S. women won their seventh CONCACAF trophy on Sunday, but the World Cup awaits in 2015. Wambach: "If this team can manufacture seven consistent games—they don't have to be great looking games—manufacture seven consistent games[...]I think that we have a really great chance of winning a World Cup." I hope her teammates' response to that was, "Challenge accepted."

United States international Stuart Holden on rehabbing, recovery and renewed hope of a return to playing - ESPN FC
This came out on Friday, but just in case you missed it. Come back to us, Stu. Come back to us.

MLS announces new strategy for Los Angeles market, 2015 conference alignment |
All right, here we go. MLS in 2015 doesn't include Chivas USA, and it's moving the Houston Dynamo and Sporting Kansas City into the Western Conference to make room for Orlando City SC and New York City FC in the East. There are plenty of comments already from you all, but this, too, is a safe place for sharing your feelings. My feelings are mostly "poor, poor Chivas" and "I already hate NYCFC so, so much."