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2013 Benny Awards Call for Nominations

The yearly awards as voted on by our Black and Red United readers are now open for nominations.

We now begin a tradition started by our esteemed founder, Martin Shatzer: the Benny Awards, which chronicle the best and the worst of D.C. United's season, giving permanent memory to each season in our own little way. And we begin the awards this year with an open call for nominations. We want you to give us any and all suggestions as to who should be nominated for each of the ten awards. I will make the final decisions as to the nominees, but your suggestions will weigh heavily in my deliberations. In case you have forgotten, here are the 10 categories plus the winner from 2012:

The Richie Award: Presented to the most underrated player. (2012 winner: Chris Korb)

The Nelly Award: Presented to the best newcomer. (2012 winner: Lionard Pajoy)

The Andy Award: Presented to United's rookie of the year. (2012 winner: Nick DeLeon)

The Donnety Award: Presented to the team's biggest disappointment. (2012 winner: Hamdi Salihi)

The Bobby Award: Presented to the most improved player. (2012 winner: Chris Korb)

The Esky Award: Presented to the fan favorite. (2012 winner: Chris Pontius)

The Freddy Award - Presented to the biggest story. (2012 winner: Hamdi Salihi)

The Harkesy Award - Presented to the best leader. (2012 winner: Chris Pontius)

The Popie Award - Presented to the team's defender of the year. (2012 winner: Brandon McDonald)

The Etchy Award - Presented to the team's MVP. (2012 winner: Chris Pontius)

As you can tell, the awards tend to be given to people, rather than events or abstract concepts; however, some may be considered if there is a pressing need. So, dear readers, who would you nominate for the 2013 Benny Awards?