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D.C. Leagues Cup group announced, Loudoun signings & more: Freedom Kicks for 1/23/23

And well, doing some planning on plans!

Caitlin Buckley / Black and Red United

So I guess we’ll keep doing this a while longer? For those who’ve haven’t seen the news, know that it comes as a surprise, and to echo Sarah’s thoughts, we’ll try to do something in one form or another sometime down the road. Me, I came from commenting at SBN’s Washington Capitals blog (who also fell victim to the corporate axe) to moving to a staff position here, because I love both teams dearly. Fans of D.C. United deserve something more than occasional news and features from one or two sources in town, and the general sentiment is that we’ll try to do something, in some fashion, down the road. What that is remains to be seen, but after eight plus years of writing, I feel like I can’t give it up quite yet, so check out our form which is part of those plans.

D.C. United’s Group Announced For Leagues Cup 2023 (DCU): Well bring on those Superliga vibes!

The Tragedy of D.C.’s Gutted RFK Stadium (Progressive): This is less a love letter and more a pragmatic what’s next for the land.

Adrien Perez is back (Empire Strikers): Last year’s oft-injured forward reappears in the Arena League.

Loudoun United brings aboard defender Bryce Washington (USLC): More than that, the team seemed to have signed former D.C. United draftee Alex Nagy, who served as a chance creator for his college team in Vermont. Seems like Loudoun is moving a little more towards younger twenty somethings that have some pro time ahead of their independent move, and it’s intriguing.

Three Things: most pressing team needs, a Loudoun check-up, standings projections (USL Tactics): John’s a wonderful guy and his shoutout is humbling, but his point of Loudoun being a little more interesting is valid.

Continuing the Loudoun kick, if you want to learn more about its coach, this is worth your time:

Anyway, I’m sure I missed things, so drop them in here.