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Spirit/Loudoun shut out, DC to play Ghanaian champions & more: Freedom Kicks for 9/26/22

And a personal note.

Washington Spirit v Angel City FC Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Hey hi there, the dearth of news over the international break, always fun!

Recaps of the Washington Spirit’s 3-0 loss to KC Current by WaPo and Blue Testament.

Indy edges Loudoun 1-0 (USL): Was away from this and caught up later. Gavin Turner made his first pro start (nine years to the day when he started playing U8 footy I’m told), Dane Jacomen started in goal, a “generous” PK being the difference.

GTA and GFA partner DC United to launch Capital City Africa Cup (Ghana Guardian): This is an interesting development. DC organizationally has wanted to explore Africa as a talent vein, signed one player to a first team contract and three others are with Loudoun, Wayne Rooney has mentioned it as a market for targets too. Now the Ghanaian Premier League champ will play D.C. in a friendly in March? Sounds intriguing.

USMNT unimpressive in 2-0 loss to Japan (SSFC): Seems not very good? Dunno, didn’t watch. WaPo with more.

Gran año de Jeremy Garay: debutó en el DC United y podría hacerlo pronto en la Selecta (ES.Com): I’d hope, nay, presume, he gets looked at next preseason.

Five Reasons MLS Next Pro Year One is a Failure (Blue Testament): Guess DC will wait a bit to dive in there, if they ever do?

Finally, it’s my younger son’s birthday today. He’s gone through a lot in his short life, as a NICU baby, having to have surgery on his eyes a week before Christmas, and put up with an inordinate amount of medical pokes and prods. Through it all he’s managed to be upbeat and do the things that one-year olds do which, at the moment are walking, crawling and random stretches of yelling at the top of his lungs. I look forward to seeing what he does and what he, mom, Dad and big brother do next as a family. Happy Birthday kiddo.