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Fantasy Focus: Three > One

Tuiloma! Palacios! Mukhtar!

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Portland Timbers Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The leader this round was The other Tajouri-Shradis, who amassed 96 points.

Of course BL4CKnRED is still leading at the top, with their lead shrinking just slightly to 89 points.

Positional Leaders


Djordje Petrovic (NE, $7.6) posted a clean sheet and 10 points, leading the position. Behind him the pair of Steve Clark (HOU, $9.0) and Maxime Crepeau (LA, $8.2) tied with 9 points on the strength of a clean sheet. D.C.’s Rafael Romo ($5.6) scored 2 points.


A pair of clean sheet defenders led all defenders and shared the lead for all players with 14 points, as Bill Tuiloma (POR, $9.8) also had an assist, and Diego Palacios (LA, $9.4) added a goal. Houston’s Adam Lundkvist ($8.0) trailed in third with 12 points on a clean sheet and an assist. The United defense included Brendan Hines-Ike ($5.4) with 4 points, the pair of Andy Najar ($7.2) and Steven Birnbaum ($5.7) with 2 points, and both Brad Smith ($5.7) and Donovan Pines ($4.5) with 1 point.


Hany Mukhtar (NSH, $12.0) joined the three-way tie for the overall lead with 14 points on two goals. A pair of players nearly joined the leaders on 13 points, with Sebastian Blanco (POR, $7.2) scoring a goal, and Cristian Roldan (SEA, $9.1) pairing a goal and an assist.The scoring DCU midfielders were Chris Durkin ($5.7) with 3 points, both Russell Canouse ($5.4) and Sofiane Djeffal ($5.3) with 2 points, and Drew Skundrich ($4.0) with 1.


Jaroslaw Niezgoda (POR, $6.9) led the forwards with 13 points on the strength of two goals. Meanwhile, Jordan Morris (SEA, $8.6) and Romell Quioto (MTL, $9.0) both tallied goal and an assist on the way to 12 points. United’s forwards were led by Taxi Fountas ($10.3) with 7 points, followed by Nigel Robertha ($5.1) with 5, Michael Estrada ($7.6) with 4, and both Ola Kamara ($6.8) and Kimarni Smith ($4.0) with 1.

Looking Ahead

Double gamers are back in force, with a bunch of teams affected: NYC, Philadelphia, Houston, Austin, LAFC, the Red Bulls, Atlanta, the Galaxy, Charlotte, Chicago, Minnesota, Columbus, Portland, Toronto, Dallas, Montreal, San Jose, and Cincinnati all playing twice. With that in mind, I’m looking at Andre Blake (PHI, $9.5) in goal @ Chicago and @ Columbus, and the aforementioned Bill Tuiloma in defense vs. Houston and @ Nashville. I like Cristian Espinoza (SJ, $9.9) in midfield vs. Chicago and vs. the Galaxy, and Carlos Vela (LA, $9.6) at forward vs. Dallas and @ Vancouver.