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Payne passes, D.C. player exits & more: Freedom Kicks for 12/26/22

A melancholy note for today.

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Kevin Payne Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Hi there, well I hope you got whatever it is you wanted.

Kevin Payne, ex-D.C. United president and soccer Hall of Famer, dies at 69 (WaPo): KP gave this team a life that few others have realized since in American soccer, rest easy. More from MLS, WTOP, and Front Row Soccer, from former D.C. staff throughout the years, former MLS executives, the institutions that celebrated his work, the media who worked at games, and former D.C. players and foes alike.

Sargis returns home for youth camp (Turlock Journal): Hayden Sargis finds things to do.

New York City Football Club Signs Defender Jose ‘Tony’ Alfaro (NYCFC): Kudos to him landing somewhere.

Losada gets fresh start in Montreal after troubled stint with D.C. United (Globe and Mail, $): Speaking of landing somewhere!

Loudoun United FC Sign Midfielder Juan Ramírez (LUFC): Unsure what to make of these so far, other than they’re intriguing.

Leesburg native Daniel Chica signs with Loudoun United FC (Loudoun Times): Having chatted to a couple of hyperlocal signings in the past, I’ll never not read these.

Fans find nostalgia in the wreckage of RFK stadium (WaPo): Farewell old friend.

2022 Beer in Review (DC Beer): Phil Runco goes to almost two dozen local breweries, and gets them to share their thoughts about the past year and the year to come, faves, raves, and the like. Always a good touchstone for libations.

Anyway that should do things, enjoy the lazy week between now and New Year’s, such as it is.