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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: Garth Lagerwey joins a United while the World Cup is in full swing

Do soccer kits have the power to sway results?

Soccer: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022-France at Australia Yukihito Taguchi-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Thanksgiving Eve, which means the time-honored tradition of... watching the World Cup? Sure. The US made my productivity weep between 2-4 on Monday. My second-favorite country France made that happen again yesterday. Can Canada make it three unproductive afternoons in a row? Unlikely, because as stated, it’s Thanksgiving Eve and my family is arriving this evening. I eagerly await my phone buzzing with news that Canada put on the performance of the tournament in their victory over Belgium.

Canada ready to shock Belgium in World Cup: “We are a football nation” (MLS): At least Canada believes they’ll impress, and after the way this tournament has gone so far, who can blame them?

Atlanta United appoint Garth Lagerwey president and CEO (MLS): Alright Darth Garth, you can go to Atlanta where you are free to steer the most powerful budget in the Eastern Conference however you please, or you can go to D.C. which has seen internal power struggles and financial inconsistencies. The choice is yours. Take your ti — oh, you already chose?

World Cup Power Rankings: France still looks like the team to beat (FOX Sports): Reasons France will defend their title and win this World Cup: The kit is perfectly balanced.

Look at this shade of blue with gold font... the white shorts keeping the look clean... and the red socks to make it pop on screen. Le Tricolore from head to toe. It’s flawless.

Reasons France will lose this World Cup: that defense looked mighty exploitable, and France seemed more than willing to just pass the ball to the opposing offense for no reason. A lot of people are jumping on the French bandwagon after that 4-1 win, but make no mistake, they’re a beatable team.

A short and crisp Freedom Kicks today. MLS teams continue to move in shadows, poking their heads out every once in a while, but for the most part, all soccer eyes are on this World Cup.