Post Capital Cup, How we feeling?

The capital cup is over with DC. United hoisting the trophy, and it is time to refocus back on regular season play with United traveling up to Philly this coming weekend.

It is a shame that the cup ended up getting muted with teams having to pull out due to Covid. However it served its purpose well enough. Keep the lads in shape, get other lads a chance to get in shape, and finally giving us a look at some guys that have been with Loudon. It's worth noting that both Green and Bolivar look like there ready to compete for first team mins. With Bolivar actually forcing myself to ask the question, "Can we actually get away with jettisoning Kamara and just riding with a combo of Robertha and Bolivar the rest of the season?

Looking hard at myself in the mirror I have to think the answer to that question is... yes lets roll the dice on this. And sure you've caught me I haven't spoken very highly on Ola in the past. However when we first brought him on I believed in the signing, and thought this was the perfect place to get his career back on track. Hell I still believe this is a great place for him to re-find his form. Its just at this point I've seen enough of Robertha and Bolivar that I want to hand the reigns over to them moving forward. I mean if you watched the last game of the capital cup I think its hard not to say I want and NEED to watch more of this Bolivar kid with the first team.

Moving on. The upcoming opponents this week are the Union, and although both teams have members away on international duty it should still stand as an excellent measuring stick for DC United. An opportunity to test depth and coaching adjustments. Will the leagues most exciting young hire as a head coach make the necessary adjustments to overcome and get revenge for an early season 1-0 loss? I think and believe so.

DC has been looking better ever single week and the rest of the league is starting to take notice. Winning this week in convincing fashion will no doubt put the league on official notice. That paired with some exciting new players brought on in the oncoming transfer window (in Lucy we trust!) we could finally see the sleeping giant of DC united finally reawaken fully.

What are your thoughts of DC United's season so far and where we are going?