Hey, you, DC United hater, I need to tell you something...

FourFourTwo's Steve Davis penned this when assessing what Week 1:

"A little more of this: Fans calling Ben Olsen into question. Actually, D.C. United fans calling the club’s entire front office structure and management into question. Olsen’s record now stands at 64-78-41, and a fluky U.S. Open Cup is pretty much the net-out for a guy who took over back in 2010. It just doesn’t look like United is going anywhere."

You probably agree with it. After all, "Bennyball" is ugly and boring. However, this request is absolutely absurd. I can even prove it to you.

First of all, although Olsen is going to his seventh season, he still is the 3rd youngest coach in the league. He was basically still in his DIAPERS, when he took the team's realm in 2010.

Morover, saying that team is going nowhere is false. As people say in Brazil, stats are like bikini, they show everything, except what matters the most. Olsen's total record is deceiving. Between 2010 and 2013, i.e., in Olsen's first four seasons, his record was 35-67-30.

However, considering his last four seasons, i.e., between 2012 and 2015, his record is 52-56-28. It is still a losing record, but the point is that his last four seasons were way better than his first four. Team is clearly going somewhere.

People seem to forget, but in the last four years, United has:

a. finished among the top-4 in the East three times, both in regular season (2nd, 2012; 1st, 2014; 4th, 2015) and in playoffs (2nd, 2012; 3rd, 2014; 4th, 2015);

b. won the Eastern Conference Regular Season once (2014);

c. qualified twice to CCL’s quarterfinals (2014, 2015).

However, Steve Davies decided to disregard all that, and asked Olsen's and Kasper's head. After all, the 2013 Open Cup title was a fluke, because, you know, 2013 is what DC United is all about. For him, you, and many people more, those other years have actually never happened.

The truth is Ben Olsen is becoming a better coach very year, and, with him, United is becoming a better team every year. So, do not be surprised if, by the end of the season, United was better than you thought we would be at the beginning. This 2016 DC United is not the 2013 DC United you, Steve Davis, Matthew Doyle, et al., wish us to be.