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Honduran forward Diego Reyes visits D.C. United game, speculation exercise abounds

Let's overanalyze a tweet, shall we?

Chris Megaloudis, agent to players like former D.C. United (and current Anderlecht) star Andy Najar, tweeted out that Honduras forward Diego Reyes was at the Black-and-Red's game Wednesday night:

Now, it's interesting that Megaloudis would both tweet this out, and also include the American offices of James Grant (a sports agency) and Juan Diego Munoz in said tweet. Munoz appears to represent MLS players such as FC Dallas defender Moises Hernandez, as well as Henry Lopez, who was with the NASL New York Cosmos and played for the D.C. U-23s last year.

It's also interesting that Reyes, a 26 year-old, 6-foot-2, 155 pound forward, would also seem to fit the bill of a taller, younger forward that United could use so that guys like Fabian Espindola don't have to take overly lavish shots. Reyes scored 11 goals during the 2015-16 season and also has six months left on his contract with his current club CD Marathon though he does say that he has offers abroad. United is off for several days and could be checking him out. Here's a little bit of action from him if you're so inclined:

On the other hand, he may just be visiting a national team friend and mutual Megaloudis client while Najar rehabs from an ACL injury. Just a name to keep an eye on for the time being.