A DC United Anthem


The crowd has assembled. The players are marching out of the tunnel and into the spotlight. Suddenly you feel the hairs on the back of your neck prick up. You hear the combined voices of 40,000 people singing a stirring anthem, and then you understand the meaning of the word awesome. Nothing can replicate that feeling. No amount of watching it on tv, or seeing clips of it on YouTube can let you appreciate that moment in its full awesomeness. So I began to wonder: why doesn't DC United have their own anthem.

After all, we have the best and oldest fans in MLS. It would only be appropriate for us to have something like this. I have looked at sporting anthems from around the world and have grown almost envious. So I really think DC United should have an anthem.

There are two main types of anthems: the one that you compose specifically for your team (like this one from RSL)

Or when you use an existing song as an anthem (You'll never walk alone, most famously sung by the Liverpool fans).

Somebody mentioned yesterday in a comments section about this song from the movie Les Miserables:

This is probably my favorite so far and even though it isn't specific to DC United, I still really like it because even the best sporting anthem in the world isn't even specific to Liverpool or Celtic or any of the teams who use it. This next one was also mentioned and is also from the same movie.

I also like this one but I like the other a little better because it is just a little easier to sing in a group. The second one is a little more complicated because of the dialogue between the characters.

This still doesn't completely rule out the possibility of a DC United specific anthem. I have been toying with this idea for the past couple weeks, but no musical melody seems to really work nicely in my head.

And finally the last detail: When. Is it sung as the players come onto the field, or after the national anthem? Is it used after home goals, away team goals or both? And is it sung towards the end of the game, for example in the 85th or 90th minute.

Even though this isn't their team anthem, the Timbers army sing this song in the 85th minute, and I find it to be kinda cool.

This is just what I think, but I want to hear what you guys have to say in regard to a DC United anthem.

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