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Darth Hiddink: D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 18 December 2015

Friday Freedom Kicks finds a few articles for you to spend your time on today (including late night DCU news!)

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In a galaxy far, far away...

[Editor's note: Steve Goff dropped major D.C. United news at 1:14am, well after touchline wrote this. I'm adding his piece - D.C. United in talks with Perry Kitchen, pursuing attacking midfielder - in because a) if you're reading this you totally want to talk about what's in there and b) I stayed up way too late waiting for Netflix to flip the Making a Murderer switch. If touchline is not pleased about it, I'd ask that he include a photo designed to upset me in the comments. - Jason]

MLS re-entry draft draws few takers - Durham Region: It was a ho-hum day in the re-entry draft.  Only the Timbers and Orlando City made moves.

City approves purchase of Toyota Field, moves closer to MLS - KSAT: San Antonio has its spurs on.

U.S., Argentina soccer teams coming to Levi's Stadium - San Jose Mercury News: On June 3, the USA will kick off Group A Copa action in the Bay Area.

Group seeds, schedule set for Copa America Centenario - More on Copa.

Hiddink poised to replace Mourinho at Chelsea, says Kezman | Reuters: Holland's Guus Hiddink (gesundheit!) is taking over after Mourinho's demise. Hiddink, however, is just a caretaker until the summer. At that point, Diego Simeone?

Pep Guardiola: Man City & Man Utd alert as Bayern Munich boss prepares to leave - Pep is leaving Bayern for maybe Manchester next summer.

What's in a soccer game? For Somalia, a milestone goal. - Amazing. "Sponsorship is on the rise, with local mobile companies and banks, as well as international brands like Coca-Cola, willing to invest in the league." Good for Somalia.

Plant coach rebuilding young Haitians’ lives through soccer | The Tampa Tribune: "Each soccer camp draws 200 to 300 children. This past summer, the camp was held at the Olympic soccer complex built by the nation's Olympic committee. Feely said some of the young players walked miles to participate in the clinic."

NBC will have its first EPL doubleheader; NBCSN bringing back Premier League Breakaway - Awful Announcing: Boxing Day will be glorious.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is... get this... oh my gawd...the ENTIRE STAR WARS FILM SPOILED. Spoilers! Spoilers! SPOILERS!

Commentariat, resist! (It's a trap!)