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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Becky Sauerbrunn 4 eva

Free agent Justin Mapp for Sporting Kansas City.

You guys, I was at trivia last night and they asked what the name of the high school mascot in One Tree Hill was, and I was the only person on our team who watched that show—loved it, even—and I could not remember. And I feel a great shame. I did, however, triumphantly write down the answer to the "Who won the 2014 World Cup?" question, though admittedly everyone knew that.

Trivia is the best/worst.

Anyway, soccer!

Leveling the playing field | NBC SportsWorld
It's not just about turf vs. grass.

Becky Sauerbrunn should win US Soccer Female Player of the Year - Stars and Stripes FC

Nominees Set for 2015 U.S. Soccer Male Player of the Year - U.S. Soccer
Meanwhile, like, should anyone win U.S. Soccer Male Player of the Year?

Sporting KC signs free agent midfielder Justin Mapp | Sporting Kansas City
I love Justin Mapp. I love that he looks like he would be a random "hey, it's that guy!" actor on an episode of Law and Order: SVU, in which he would play the initial suspect who obviously didn't do it.

Armchair Analyst: Justin Mapp's move to Sporting KC, Portland Timbers are busy & more silly-season signings on the way |
The still of the video at the top of this page includes Chris Pontius, but don't be fooled because the Party Boy is not mentioned in this article and guys my heart is still sad he's not ours anymore.

ASN article: January Camp Predictions: 23 Names for Klinsmann
Camp Cupcake is coming.

For the Sounders and the MLS, following all the money sometimes can get confusing | The Seattle Times
"The MLS."

The top 10 moments in U.S. soccer in 2015 | The Washington Post
A list! Who doesn't love a list?

Hit the comments with more, folks. Tell me about your trivia triumphs and pitfalls. (They were the Ravens on One Tree Hill, by the way. The Ravens!!!)