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Abby Wambach retires, NASL contraction, and D.C. United links: Freedom Kicks for 17 December 2015

An era ended last night for the USWNT.

It is a rainy day here in the River City, but that doesn't stop me from sending the links up the Chesapeake Bay on a link barge for your enjoyment. Let's Freedom Kicks!

Fabián Espíndola y el desafío con DC United: "Ya es hora de ganar títulos" - Univision: Fabian Espindola is ready to win some titles with D.C. United.

Abby Wambach's last day with the USWNT - Stars and Stripes FC: In case you hadn't heard, Abby Wambach retired last night, and our friends at Stars and Stripes FC have a roundup of all of the media coverage.

United States Loses 1-0 to China in Abby Wambach's Farewell Game - Stars and Stripes FC: The game itself wasn't that great, but featured a fair amount of young players getting some time.

48 players eligible for selection in 2015 Re-Entry Draft | The second stage of the Re-Entry draft is today at 3PM! There hasn't been an official list released of who is eligible, but you could just use this one and cross off Max Urruti and Alex Kann. The talent in the Re-Entry draft has been reduced due to free agency; I don't know if we'll see anyone make a D.C. United-esque jump from it ever again.

Louisville City eager to join MLS expansion race | Soccer By Ives: Louisville? I mean, I grew up 1.5 hours from there, and its a nice city but I don't really see it as MLS-level. But most every new USL team is going to say that's what their goal is.

This was inevitable when the Spurs bought their stadium and announced they were putting a team in USL next year, but regardless it is a blow to the NASL; at this point, they need any team they can get on the field.

That's all I have. What's up?