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Photo Evidence of Andy Najar in Turkey with RSC Anderlecht, month long loan confirmed

Photo evidence of Andy Najar training with Anderlecht in Turkey have surfaced, and the club has just announced that he is going on a month long loan to the team.

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Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Photographic evidence of Andy Najar training with RSC Anderlecht in Turkey has now surfaced on the website of HLN.BE. Najar has been wearing the number 6 jersey, and the previous holder of that number, Mbenza Bedi, seems poised to transfer to a club in Tunisia. The team is currently spending the Belgian league's winter break in Turkey training, and Najar seems to have been brought along for further evaluation.

As I found this photograph, both Steven Goff and Craig Stouffer reported that Najar is ready to go from training to a full blown loan, currently rumored to be one month long. This is right in line with all of our worst nightmares about how the Andy Najar training stint would go; once they got a look at his skills, they would never be able to give him up. The only thing that could stop a potential move is the amount of money that Anderlecht is willing to pay.

None of us want to see MLS hold on for an unreasonable amount of money, such as how Taylor Twellman was treated, but the team should also not let Najar go for any transfer fee just because he may want to. Luckily for him, MLS has been more willing to sell players recently, as the league has grown stronger; it also helps that Najar is not a young American star that MLS may be more likely to try and hold onto.

I saw a completely unsourced, unverifiable, and likely made up rumor from a Honduran on Twitter, but I would like to see what you all think of it. They said that Anderlecht is offering $6 million for Najar, while D.C. United/MLS are asking for $15 million. Regardless of the source (or lack thereof) of these numbers, let me know this: now that a real offer is seeming more and more possible, what would you consider a fair price for Andy Najar? The largest fee ever paid for an MLS player is $10 million for Jozy Altidore, which surpassed the $4 million the league got for Clint Dempsey.

(UPDATE: The team has confirmed the month long loan.)