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Week 20 SBNhanced MLS Power Rankings

Team Total vote count First Tier votes Last week's Tier
Tier 1 - Teams Contending For Cups
LA Galaxy 24 7 1
Real Salt Lake 24 7 1
Columbus Crew 24 7 1
FC Dallas 22 6 2
Tier 2 - Teams Likely in the Playoffs
NY Red Bulls 16 2 2
Seattle Sounders 16 0 2
Chicago Fire 13 0 3
Colorado Rapids 12 0 3
Tier 3 - Teams On the Outside Looking In
SJ Earthquakes 11 0 3
Toronto FC 10 0 2
NE Revolution 6 0 4
Tier 4 - Teams Competing for #3 Draft Pick
Houston Dynamo 2 0 4
Chivas USA 2 0 4
KC Wizards 1 0 3
Philadelphia Union 0 0 4
DC United 0 0 4

What happens when you add an eighth voter to a collection of writers who have become increasingly argumentative and stuck in their ways? The rankings start to look better, that's what. At least in my opinion.

With the new Houston Dynamo blog Dynamo Theory joining SB Nation last week, we've expanded the list of qualified voters to eight. And with that, we see that FC Dallas has finally cracked the top tier, making this the first time since week nine that a team other than the Los Angeles Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, and Columbus Crew has joined top.

Aside from that inevitability, there was plenty of debate among the voters this week, and most of it surrounded one team: the New York Red Bulls. As you can see, two voters feel that the Bulls deserve a place on the upper echelon despite having only one win in five matches since Thierry Henry joined the club.

Some believe that New York has added significant pieces that have them poised to make a championship run. My main argument against that is that you could say the same thing about the Seattle Sounders and Chicago Fire. The Fire in particular have also added two designated players, one of which already has proven that he can make an impact in MLS (Freddie Ljungberg) to a team that already had the best defender in the league (Wilman Conde), and the best offensive star that nobody talks about (Marco Pappa). Plus, the Chicago franchise has actually won before. The Red Bulls have a long history of signing marquee name players, and then doing nothing in the playoffs. I expect this year to be no different.