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GameThread: DC United at FC Dallas

DC United and FC Dallas each earned their first victories of the season earlier this week.  Will one of them go on a two-game winning streak, or will they split the points?

Game time: 9:00pm EST

Television: Matchday Live, Direct Kick,

Projected Starting Lineup:

Graye Talley   Pena Wallace
  Simms   Morsink  
Khumalo       Castillo
  Cristman   Allsopp  

Last minute thoughts:  We gave you a scouting report earlier today about what to expect from Dallas.  In general, we expect this match to be much different from the previous match between these two sides just a week and a half ago.  Dallas's lineup will include some scoring threats that were missing from that match, like David Ferreira and Jeff Cunningham, and United has adopted a more physical style that could create problems for FCD's less than stellar backline.  Due to some injuries throughout the midfield, we should expect to see the same starting lineup that earned United its first victory on Wednesday night.  Hopefully it will give us the same result.

This is your place for pre-game, in-game, and post-game thoughts.