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Gamethread: Chivas USA at DC United

DC United will hope to build off of their midweek win over Italian giants AC Milan tonight at RFK.  It's hard to imagine that a United side that can beat Milan might lose to Chivas USA, but anything is possible with this team..

Game time: 7:30pm EST

Television: Comcast SportsNet

Stadium Info: Get your tickets at the RFK box office.  Pregame festivities include a concert from US Royalty and of course the legendary Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles tailgates. 

Projected Starting Lineup:


Graye Pena   Talley Wallace
  Simms   King  
Najar       Pontius
  Quaranta   Allsopp  


Last minute thoughts:  As Chest outlined this morning, we should expect to see much of the same lineup tonight as we saw in the first half against AC Milan. That's a good thing, because that lineup moved the ball well, and played the style of soccer that has led to many successful United seasons in the past. The only change expected to the starting lineup will be our 2010 leading scorer Danny Allsopp playing in place of our 2009 leading scorer Luciano Emilio.  DC's inspiring performance on Wednesday night was something that we haven't seen often this year (probably not since the preseason actually), so we can all hope that the Milan win can represent a turning point for this club, as stated by Chris Pontius.  Perhaps we've seen the bottom, and are now on our way back up.

This is your place for pre-game, in-game, and post-game thoughts.