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D.C. United vs. Seattle Sounders staff and reader predictions

We feel sure a win—and a clean sheet—are coming. 1-0? 2-0? None of the above?

Ah, it seems only yesterday we were prepping for a D.C. United game. In fact it was not so long ago, but at least with this tight turnaround we're treated to a home game before the Copa América break.

We're pretty confident that United are getting three points out of this one, though we don't all completely agree on the final score.


Fresh off the Kamara KC Killer, the Black-and-Red are finally back home! Seattle has had a rough go of late and they'll be looking to snatch 3 points on the road midweek before the Copa America break. We got Bill Hamid back and he's already pitched a shutout and I think with the break looming, Bill does it again. Give me 2-0 DCU, goals by Espindola and DeLeon.

Adam Taylor

Seattle is bad at scoring goals, but they're pretty solid at not giving them up. Call them a lesser version of the Colorado Rapids. (And trust me, as weird as that is to consider, it's way weirder to actually type out. Try it, you'll see.) Because United is also not great at scoring goals, I think this one ends up scoreless until the dying minutes, when Lamar Neagle manages to put one by his former teammates. 1-0 United, who win consecutive games for the first time in entirely too long.

Ben Bromley

Another wounded opponent, another historical D.C. United nemesis. But, ever the voice of optimism, I think that D.C. United nicks a goal from Fabian Espindola, and Bill Hamid locks everything down so that United can win 1-0.


We're set up well to win this game against Seattle at RFK. I'm predicting a Bill Hamid clean sheet. And D.C. United scores twice, with one of those goals coming from Jared Jeffrey outside the box—a sublime goal that sends the crowd into a heavens-rattling Wednesday night frenzy.


Seattle has been poor this year, but they've at least been solid defensively. United has been only slightly better this season, but they too tend to be pretty stingy at the back. Both teams will hammer away, but don't expect too much in the way of fireworks. In the end, I think United does just enough to take this one 1-0, with Espindola converting a rebound following a scramble in the box.


This feels like a game that DCU should win, which is why I'm a little concerned. Clint Dempsey will be with the national team, and both Chad Marshall and Brad Evans are dinged up and questionable to play. I like a 1-0 win for United, with a second half goal from whoever our forward is at the time.

Leanne Elston

I find myself unwilling to break ranks here—I'm calling this one as a win for the Black-and-Red. At home, midweek, with Bill back, back again, it just feels like three points already. I'm also in agreement that it will be a narrow final score, though: I'll say 1-0, with the lone goal from Fabian Espindola, reminding us why we can't hate even when we sort of do.

You tell us—is this a sure win for the good guys, or are we being too optimistic?