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Salary cap to prevent D.C. United from signing Jan Frederiksen?

News sources in Denmark and Poland are saying that salary cap issues and salary demands will prevent D.C. United from signing Jan Frederiksen.

Tammy Whiting

Two news reports, one out of Denmark and one out of Poland, are saying that Jan Frederiksen will not be signing with D.C. United due to salary cap considerations. An earlier article said that while D.C. United wanted to sign him, it was only going to be on their terms. United were only willing to offer a one year contract at $80,000 per year, at least according to the Danish media, whereas Frederiksen wanted more money and a longer contract. Those two factors combined with the trade for James Riley and the wrangling for an international spot that would have likely been required seem to have ended any chance of Frederiksen signing.

Officially, that leaves Matt VanOekel, Joseph Nane, Kyle Porter, Marcos Sanchez, Walter Martinez, Henry Kalungi, Shavar Thomas, and Ryan Richter. At this point, I think that Porter, Sanchez, and Thomas will be the players who end up getting contracts since that would only require one additional international spot once the Hamdi Salihi situation is finally resolved. Nane and VanOekel have no chance at being signed, Martinez and Kalungi seem that they will be victims of international spot calculus, and Richter may fall just short for the second year in a row. Which players do you think will get signed?

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