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Bill Hamid's game-saver up for MLS Week 17 Save of the Week

D.C. United's homegrown 'keeper saved the game with his big right paw last weekend, and now that save is up for league honors. Go vote!

D.C. United fans all know that we have something special in Bill Hamid. He's still young and he'll be the first to tell you he needs to keep improving his game if he's going to meet his goals. But there's something the great goalkeepers of the world have, that ability to stop a shot that doesn't make any sense. Bill Hamid has it. And he showed it last weekend against Toronto FC, swatting away what would have been a stoppage time equalizer, saving the full three points for his team in the process.

MLS has nominated that save for Save of the Week against some good double-saves and some denials of long-range blasts. But none of them is the point-blank game-saver Hamid pulled out. So go vote for Bill. It's really the least you can do after he saved the team (again) last week.