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Fantasy Focus: Heeeeeere's Landy

What's a few weeks of minimal output when you can do this?

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Two teams were tied for the lead this round with 135 points. Denison Cabrallstars marked the second straight round at the top, aided by captain Landon Donovan (LA, $11.9) led with an armband-aided 42 points with a goal and three asissts, Obafemi Martins (SEA, $9.7) with two goals and an assist in two games for 20 points, and three players with 13 points -- Robbie Keane (LA, $11.7) and Nick Hagglund (TOR, $5.4), each of whom had two goals; and Clint Dempsey (SEA, $10.6) who had a goal and an assist in two matches. Banditos SC's 135 points came with leaders Clint Dempsey (captain), Obafemi Martins, and Landon Donovan. In It To Wynne It still leads overall.

Positional Leaders


Steve Clark (CLB, $5.2) led all goalkeepers with 12 points with a clean sheet and a saved penalty. Bill Hamid (DCU, $5.5) and Jaime Penedo ($5.6) each earned a clean sheet and 10 points.


Nick Hagglund's 13 points led the defenders. Chris Korb (DCU, $5.6) was second with a clean sheet, an assist, and 10 points, while three players tied with 9 points -- Steve Birnbaum (DC, $5.4), Kofi Sarkodie (HOU, $6.1), and Omar Gonzalez (LA, $10.0), with each of them earning a clean sheet, and Sarkodie adding an assist. The rest of the United defense featured Sean Franklin ($7.4) and Taylor Kemp ($4.9) with 7 points, and Bobby Boswell ($8.8) with 6.


Landon Donovan's 21 points led all midfielders and all players. Lamar Neagle (SEA, $7.6) scored 16 points on two goals in two games, and Michael Bradley (TOR, $9.7) scored 14 on a goal and an assist. DCU's midfield was led by Luis Silva's ($6.8) 8 points, followed by Nick DeLeon ($6.6) with 5 points, Davy Arnaud ($6.3) with 4, Perry Kitchen ($6.5) with 3, and both Lewis Neal ($5.3) and Chris Pontius ($7.7) with 1.


Obafemi Martins's 20 points led the forwards. Robbie Keane's 13 were good for second, and David Texeira (DAL, $7.8) scored 11 with two goals. D.C. had Fabian Espindola ($8.4) with 3 points, and Eddie Johnson ($9.3) with 1.

Looking Ahead

Chicago plays twice, and everyone else plays once. Games start on Thursday. Jaime Penedo (LA, $5.6) is a good idea in goal at home against Toronto, and try on Nat Borchers (RSL, $8.7) in defense at Chivas. If you can't afford Landon Donovan in the midfield, get Gyasi Zardes ($8.1) against that Toronto defense, and Quincy Amarikwa (CHI, $6.3) has a double at Philadelphia and home for Montreal.

Everyone's Adding: G - Sean Johnson (CHI, $5.1, +369), D - Nick Hagglund (+146), M - Jeff Larentowicz (CHI, $6.9, +527), F - Quincy Amarikwa (+265)

Everyone's Dropping: G - Stefan Frei (SEA, $5.3, -281), D - DeAndre Yedlin (SEA, $7.5, -84), M - Diego Valeri (POR, $10.4, -590), F - Tesho Akindele (DAL, $5.2, -141)