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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Say Bye to Chivas USA, But Hi to Vincent Tan, Maybe

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Welcome to this Tuesday edition of Freedom Kicks, in which we talk a lot about player development, a little about some other MLS teams, and even less about rapping, but still some rapping.

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The soccer world was not quiet yesterday. And as tempted as I was to find links solely related to Ben Olsen and/or beards (if you don't know me, Ben Olsen and beards are kind of my things), I've got real soccer stuff for you instead this morning.

Hi, I'm Leanne, and I'm in charge of today's Kicks of Freedom. Let's get to it.

Chivas USA to suspend operations after MLS season, sources say - ESPN FC
Pour one out for our Chivas USA friends. Then stop pouring and just drink with them.

LA Galaxy on course for all-time MLS greatness with stellar season |
Is the 2014 LA Galaxy the best-ever MLS team? They're making a run for it. Shout out to 1998 D.C. United, though.

From travel experiences, Philadelphia Union’s Michael Lahoud takes leading role in raising awareness about Ebola - The Washington Post
The Philadelphia Union's Michael Lahoud, who plays internationally for Sierra Leone, is raising awareness for Ebola. He wants us to kick the virus in its metaphorical butt by kicking each other in the actual butts, which I think we can all get on board with.

The MLS Wrap: Time to stop perpetuating the 'homegrown player' myth -
We're calling players "homegrown" who aren't, really, and it means we're making the MLS academies look better than they actually are. So says Ives. Seattle says they invented Yedlin.

24 Under 24: How USL PRO will help form the next generation of MLS and US national team stars |
Speaking of player development, we should probably be paying better attention to our friendly neighborhood USL PRO and NASL teams, because...

NASL Minnesota United winger Miguel Ibarra to get USMNT call-up, sources say - ESPN FC
Jurgen Klinsmann is. You might be seeing Miguel Ibarra, of NASL's Minnesota United, on a USMNT roster soon. (Bonus linkage: Boehm's commentary.)

For first-place D.C. United, fight for relevance hinges on new stadium - Washington Times
For some reason, the uninitiated don't generally attach to crumbling stadiums with non-mascot creatures living in them. D.C. United is trying to be relevant and it needs a new stadium to get there. (Reminds me of when Atlanta's best radio station went off the air because alternative rock had become "irrelevant." Open question: What other irrelevant things do you guys love?)

MLS salaries posted for Kaka, Villa, Jones, Beasley - The Washington Post
MLS player salaries are out, go crazy.

VIDEO: New York Red Bulls' Bradley Wright-Phillips' battle raps Crystal Palace's Yannick Bolaise | SIDELINE |
He’s no Clint Dempsey, but Bradley Wright-Phillips raps in this video and I only understood like 50% of the words but I think it was great.

BBC Sport - Cardiff City: Vincent Tan wants Russell Slade to beat record
Unless you’re a Cardiff City fan, the only thing of note here is that their owner, Malaysian businessman Vincent Tan, is thinking about investing in MLS. He doesn’t even go here, you guys.

Breaking down the frontrunners for Coach of the Year | MLS Now |
Oh, you thought I was going to finish this list without something related to Ben Olsen? That's adorable. Wiebe is picking Benny for Coach of the Year. Are you?