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D.C. United signs Andrea Mancini

The son of the current Inter Milan coach will be in Black and Red in America.

Gianluca DiMarzio reports (and B&RU has confirmed) that Andrea Mancini has signed with D.C. United. The 23-year old forward spent time in the Manchester City and Inter Milan youth systems, but of late has spent time getting occasional starts with two separate clubs in the Hungarian League. Mancini is the youngest son of Roberto Mancini, current coach of the Nerazzurri, and despite playing only 25 minutes in the preseason, Andrea says that he has signed a two-year deal with an option for a third.

This move goes against the grain for a couple of reasons: First, D.C. appear to have simultaneously used their last roster spot and international spot on a 5'9" forward who has played 13 games since the fall of 2013, scoring as many goals in competition as I have (zero, btw). Also, considering that D.C. had to take on an international player in 2013 in Syamsir Alam who was of little talent, playing only one game (a friendly against Chivas Guadalajara) before being released in the offseason, the acquisition of Mancini would appear to hint that D.C. appearing to be receiving another player that they had little say in evaluating to begin with. On the other hand, perhaps a two year deal means that Olsen and company do see some potential in the young Italian.

Hopefully unlike Alam, the results from Mancini and for D.C. are a bit better this time.