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Bill Hamid reportedly to train with English Premier League club

It's another MLS player "training" stint.

D.C. United goalkeeper Bill Hamid is on his way to England for training, according to this report from the Washington Post's Steve Goff. Hamid is reportedly going to be training with English Premier League club Norwich City.

In addition to having one of the least intimidating mascots in the history of sports (They're the Canaries... THE CANARIES!!!), Norwich isn't very good at this game we call soccer. The small, yellow birds are three points out of the relegation zone, and they've conceded the fifth most goals in the league so far this season.

Speculation started to run a little wild yesterday when Hamid posted this picture to his Instagram account with the location being London. Was he finally going to make the long-rumored transfer to the Premier League?

Not too long later, Hamid took to Twitter (later deleted) to drop this on everyone.

While I understand that some will try and argue that being a celebrity or professional athlete means that your forfeit your right to privacy, Hamid is clearly unhappy that Goff is contacting his family to get information on his whereabouts. That's understandable.

Bill followed that tweet up with this (now deleted).

The lesson to take from this is to stop texting Bill's dad.