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Bad boys, bad boys: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 4 December 2015

"These mafias that are the barras."

Juliana Flister/Getty Images

Soccer.  What is it?  Is it really just a game?  Or is it an ideology?  Is it a wave?  Or a particle?  Let's find out!  Together!  Like we do every weekday.  With another microdose of Freedom Kicks to keep you thinking outside the box during your otherwise grueling work day.  Tongues out, and...go!

Maryland SoccerPlex in Germantown could sell beer at events, allow fans to drink in the stands under new legislation - Washington Business Journal:  This was mentioned in the comments of yesterday's Freedom Kicks, but it's worth a full blown kick because it's the biggest soccer news in DC right now.  Please make this so.

MLS Cup Final 2015 Preview Show | MLSGB:  Holy cow.  MLSGB, the site from Britain that is obsessed with MLS, has quite a snazzy impromptu CGI studio.  Hint-hint, Filibuster.

Portland, Columbus both spend wisely to form MLS Cup rosters - Planet Futbol -  More moneyball analysis ahead of Sunday's final.

Commissioner Don Garber reflects on "epic year" for MLS |  It's that time of the year -- behold, Garber's State of the League address.

MLS will continue playing games on FIFA dates - Don Garber - ESPN FC:  We have to wait for enough Halsti's and Saborio's to populate our roster before we can finally coordinate the MLS schedule with FIFA's.

Sacramento could leapfrog Miami as market for MLS' 24th franchise - Orlando Sentinel:  You think?

Major League Soccer knows it will need to raise players’ pay - MarketWatch:  Labor power.

U.S. Soccer safety program details concussion protocols - Soccer America:  Health and safety.

FBI conducts raid in Miami in connection to FIFA soccer scandal | News - Home:  Bad boys, bad boys, whatchyagonnado?

Top soccer official with ties to Miami, U.S. pleads guilty in bribery case | Miami Herald:  Whatchyagonnado when they come for you?

Ex-treasurer admits stealing $7.4K from Sparta soccer club |  Bad girls, bad girls...

Argentina to Launch Crackdown on 'Barras Bravas' Soccer Gangs - InSight Crime:  Apparently, Argentina's new President-elect doesn't like "these mafias that are the barras."

World Cup May Expand to 40 Teams by 2026, Soccer Body Says - Bloomberg Business:  40 teams would certainly increase the bribery quotient.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is this blogpost of a woman who went to Europe and took the same photos that her mother took 30 years earlier.

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