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D.C United vs. Chicago Fire GIFs

We look at some fun moments from a fun night.

It would be very easy to just make GIFs of all the goals from last night's 6-2 win by D.C. United over the Chicago Fire. And don't get me wrong, there are a few goals in here. But I'll do what I can to paint around the edges, so to speak, at some things I enjoyed otherwise from that particularly fun night.

The first thing was Jared Jeffrey. He took this elbow from Khaly Thiam and stayed down for a second, coming up with some blood on his right cheek. He still had that on his face and play still went on before Drew Fischer caught it, but still. After the game, it seemed to be confirmed by Ben Olsen too:

The possible incident:

Moving along a little, this Luciano Acosta goal, which included a Patrick Nyarko back heel to Marcelo Sarvas, should honestly not have aired on television before 10pm, this was simply dirty:

Speaking of dirty, moments later Thiam decided to go home early after fouling Nyarko and throwing the ball at Nyarko on the ground. Sinclair didn't seem to get video of this for viewers, but I can tell you from my POV that a toss at a prone Nyarko (after several steps toward Fischer) definitely occurred. Whether it was deliberate or not, I couldn't tell you.

With that said, since MLS teams do have access to panoramic cameras for player and match tracking, I would hope at a minimum that the MLS Disciplinary Committee takes a look at this to determine if further punishment is warranted, because this is garbage.

As it is, this is the best we have:

Next is Patrick Mullins' first goal. Patrick Nyarko, running to the deflection to keep it in, combined with Mullins' finishing that chance on his left foot? So good. Nyarko, no doubt a little perturbed by Thiam's actions earlier in the half was not only playing with a chip on his shoulder against his old team, but had a whole thing of Pringles on there I'd imagine.

Next, Bill Hamid, who didn't have the best night, at least bailed his mates out when David Accam (who didn't start because of a quad injury I'll note) treated them like traffic cones:

Last is the goal that Mullins scored for the hat trick. Rather than show you something I saw from it, I'm going to give you a little context here; the Fire were on their 3rd game (2nd road one) in eight days, and had not done much rotating. They'd been playing with 10 men in 80 plus degree heat for 40 minutes or so at this point, and this sequence pretty much took whatever life they had left, out of them.

Considering DCU's defense things might have been a tad in doubt, but this sequence pretty much left the life support plug dangling out of its power socket by then:

So, what was your favorite moment?