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Hope Solo suspended, contract terminated: Freedom Kicks for 25 August 2016

News aplenty as August nears its end.

We may be in the dog days of summer, but we're not in the dog days of soccer news. Let's get to it!

US Soccer suspends Hope Solo for 6 months - Stars and Stripes FC: This story is ridiculous on a number of levels. Hope Solo has unquestionably done things worth suspension, from her husband's DUI while driving a US Soccer van to alleged domestic abuse and more. She was suspended for those incidents in such a way that she wouldn't miss any major tournaments, affect the USWNT's play, or hurt USSF's ability to bring in money.

Here, she was suspended and had her USWNT contract canceled for calling Sweden cowards. USSF claims to also include a totality of incidents, but people only remember the one that clinched suspensions. The fact that it was for post-game comments and not for anything else in her history sends a pretty clear message about the priorities of USSF. In addition, she was suspended for something which, if said by a male athlete, would have been in and out of the news cycle in a flash with nary another thought. US Soccer seems to be trying to hasten the end of the Hope Solo era, but they seem intent to bungle it the entire way home.

Hope Solo's statement in response:

And the USWNT Players' Association weighs in:

D.C. United survive second half onslaught in 1-1 draw with Montreal Impact - Black And Red United: On the field last night, D.C. United managed a 1-1 draw in Montreal to keep their unbeaten streak alive.

Additional renderings and details of the new D.C. United stadium released - Black And Red United: More details about the new stadium. I love new details about the new stadium.

USL suspends OC Blues player in wake of slurs against Robbie Rogers | 2 games for an alleged slur? Weak, USL. Weak.

BILD: Stoke City make €20 million bid for Christian Pulisic - Stars and Stripes FC: And from the "This is nuts department." Please no. Just no. Say no to Stoke.

That's all I have. What's up?