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D.C. United vs. Montreal Impact GIFs

We look back at some entertaining moments from Wednesday.

If you told me that D.C. United would field a lineup with three guys that had less than 2 or 3 games worth of playing time this year against Didier Drogba, Ignacio Piatti and others and come out of it with a 1-1 draw, I’d have said you were trying to sell me TruCoat from the dealership and called you a liar. But nope, here we are, still above the red line, and flying out of PQ with a point. Huh.

So let’s look at some GIFs I put together. The first is a sideline angle of the penalty kick that Patrick Nyarko drew, leading to the Black-and-Red’s first goal. Right leg of Danny Toia makes it, yes?

Moments before that, here was the collision between Steve Birnbaum and Didier Drogba where at one point, it sure looked like Drogs was going to come off (and it looks like the tiniest of clips):

Next up was a really nice pass from Nyarko to switch things up, and in more capable hands may have been a deadlier chance:

Next, this insane save from Bill Hamid. I’m still wondering if Michael Salazar intentionally did that pass to Johan Venegas, but stick around after the angles for Venegas’ expression:

Next up, the goal from Hassoun Camara. The goal caused a fair amount of discussion amongst the staff. One of us (not me) thinks that Marcelo Sarvas’ play to Lamar Neagle set him up for failure of sorts, while others of us think Neagle should have done better with it. Thoughts?

And lastly, the Kofi Opare straight red. This play started so well, with Opare fending off Drogba on the edge of the box without help, but the ball got away from him and this is what happened.

So what stood out for you?