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Announcing a New Black & Red United Segment!

We (well, I) am kind of proud of it.

Patrick McDermott

We here at Black & Red United like D.C. United's rich Uncle Erick Thohir, particularly if he is going to get a chance to show that reputation off in the near future with the team's hopeful new digs. That said, Managing General Partner Jason Levien is in Italy visiting his partner (who is also the owner of Inter Milan) and the pair visited the training grounds:

And while they were glad-handing some of the players, Thohir said this (via Google Trans):

"The youth team is amazing, 6 games, 6 wins, only 3 goals against, 24 goals scored. We have amazing players, (Gaston) Camara, (Federico) Bonazzoli who is here this evening, (Isaac) Donkor, (Mouhamed) Dabo, (George) Puscas. Many players in the future could go in first team, but some of them we have to let them play in Serie B or in other clubs, even the DC United, but it is important that young players show character and showing that they deserve to play for Inter, if they can do it." Thus, Italian press started speculating who will get loaned to D.C.

Now, for as much as we here in D.C. would drool at the prospect of 17 to 19 year-old strikers with national team experience at the U-23, U-21 and U-19 levels, and the infusion of cheap international talent would be appealing when it comes to the 2015 version of the Eastern Conference Regular Season Champions (tm), the way that these players would come to the roster in a League full of Calvinball rules and blind draws would be...interesting, to say the least. So now, we feel it's time to roll out a new segment here at Black and Red United:

Erick Thohir: Please Stop Casually Talking to Italian Press in Any Way That Can Be Misconstrued.*

Need video?

* - Unless you're totes serious.