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D.C. United’s USL team now has a logo

United? Check. Loudoun? Check. A flying animal? Check.

Last week, Major League Soccer trademarked “Loudoun United,” which has long been rumored to be the name of D.C. United’s USL team. Such a name was strongly hinted in the team’s agreement with Loudoun County for their training facility, offices, and USL stadium, and the trademark application makes it look like that is the name that will be used.

However, a separate trademark applications has gone more under the radar: the trademark for the USL team’s new logo. We have a history of being interested in logos at this website, so let’s take a look at the logo that MLS has trademarked:

The wing on the logo is obviously the wing of the eagle from the D.C. United badge, and the horse references Loudoun County’s long history of horse breeding. The trademark application classifies this logo under “Horses, winged (Pegasus); Pegasus (winged horse),” so there could be some interesting imagery there if they chose to use it.

There are no colors specified in the trademark application, but I would think that they would incorporate D.C. United’s coloring in some way. A red and white primary jersey, that incorporated some of the green found in Loudoun County’s flag, could be really cool.

What do you all think?