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USL PRO announces that all 2014 matches will be streamed for free on YouTube

The year after the league mandated that all ges be streamed, USL PRO announced today that they will be moving their streaming to YouTube.


USL PRO announced today that all of their games for the 2014 season will be streamed live and for free on YouTube. Each team will stream their home games on their own YouTube channel, and this announcement comes on the heels of USL successfully streaming MISL games on that platform this year. Last year was the first year that all USL PRO games were streamed, and the movement to YouTube (and away from UNation) is a good sign. Thus news also comes the same week as the news that NASL will be charging $5.00 per month for access to streaming matches and premium video.

D.C. United fans will also be happy to know that, after years of battling with Comcast and the City, there will now be wired internet delivered directly to City Stadium. This means that instead of streaming games via a 4g wireless hotspot, it will happen through a dedicated, wired internet connection. This is welcome news for the fans of a team who figures to have a crop of young talent in Richmond this season.

Given this announcement, do you plan to watch USL PRO games this year? Did you watch games last year and are excited to leave UNation behind?