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Fabian Espindola is now a designated player

D.C. United have made their mad genius their second designated player.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United announced today that Fabian Espindola has signed a new designated player contract with the team. The deal will likely keep Espindola in D.C. for the next couple of years, and rewards him for being the catalyst of United's offense last season. Despite being injured for two months by new New York Red Bull Felipe, Espindola put up 11 goals and 9 assists; without that injury, he would have been a contender for MVP. He is also one of only four MLS players to score at least nine goals in the past four seasons, so despite the tag of being a streaky player he has been consistent in that regard.

Conventional wisdom posits that there is always a risk of a player taking a step back after signing a big contract, and D.C. United does not have a good history with designated player signings. However, Espindola was so critical to the team last year and was only on $150,000, so a payday for him is deserved. What do you think about D.C. United now employing two designated players?