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D.C. United 2017 salaries: Some big raises for the Black-and-Red

The money the summer signings are getting is revealed

On Thursday the MLS Players Union released the updated salary figures of 2017 (which can be viewed here), and the salaries of D.C. United’s seven midseason signings are available. According to the list Paul Arriola is making $336,000 in base salary with a $350,000 guaranteed compensation number. Zoltan Stieber ($99,999.96 base/guaranteed), Steve Clark ($72,000 base/guaranteed) and Russell Canouse ($65,000.04) make the same number in base and guaranteed figures, while Bruno Miranda is on $53,000.04 base and $57,476.13. Chris Korb is on $65,004 and $71,004, respectively. DeShorn Brown is on a base number of $264,996 and guaranteed money of $337,329.33.

It should be noted that the numbers are generally not entirely accurate when it comes to true salary. Steve Goff previously reported that Targeted Allocation Money (TAM) was used to pay down Stieber’s salary which was believed to be second-highest on the team to Arriola, following a winter where TAM was used to pay down Luciano Acosta and Steve Birnbaum. Second, because the list includes mid-season signings (i.e. players whose 2017 deals are pro-rated and/or structured in a way to buy more time to deal with potential cap issues), we should probably expect major changes when the next list comes out in the spring of 2018.

As a reminder, while Arriola’s salary will be north of $1 million in 2018, as a Young Designated Player he will only take up $200,000 in salary budget space. Acosta will as of now take up a senior DP spot, which will go up from this year’s $480,625 budget hit. And for as much as D.C. pot-splashed this summer, a gentle reminder (see if you can spot the logo):

We’ve taken the liberty of putting the roster numbers together below with their guaranteed salaries and base salaries. Those players listed in bold are believed to have a contract expiring at the end of 2017, those in italics comprise the Senior Roster, that is, those salaries that comprise the salary budget for each team.

So, what do we think of the salary and contract status for some of these folks?

2019 D.C. United salaries

Last Name First Name Base Guaranteed
Last Name First Name Base Guaranteed
Acosta Luciano $600,000 $702,000
Amarikwa Quincy $70,250.04 $70,250.04
Arriola Paul $675,000 $707,000
Birnbaum Steve $525,000 $550,000
Boateng Emmanuel $185.000.04 $185.000.04
Brillant Frederic $264,999.96 $299.999.96
Bustamante Antonio $70,250.04 $74,484.83
Canouse Russell $247,500 $247,500
Durkin Chris $95,000.04 $104,375.04
Edwards Earl $70,250.04 $73,583.37
Fisher Oniel $70,250.04 $74,916.71
Hamid Bill $461,820 $487,495
Jara Leonardo $500,000.04 $560,000.04
Kamara Ola $240,000 $260,000
Martins Felipe $500,000.04 $560,000.04
Mora Joseph $150,000 $164,250
Moreno Junior $140,000.04 $159,500.04
Odoi-Atsem Chris $56,250 $56,250
Pedroso Marquinhos $375,000 $375,000
Pines Donovan $90,000 $102,000
Robinson Jalen $80,004 $80,004
Rodriguez Lucas $261,999.96 $298,549.86
Rooney Wayne $3,500,000.04 $3,507,500.04
Segura Ulises $169,999.92 $184,249.92
Seitz Chris $165,000 $165,000
Wild Gordon $99,999.96 $129,999.96
Yow Griffin $70,250.04 $76,368.37