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D.C. United 2017 road jersey leaks

We get a look at what the Black-and-Red will wear on the road in 2017

D.C. United will return to mostly white when hitting the road during the 2017 MLS season. This morning, the new secondary jersey was leaked in full by Todo Sobre Camisetas:

Taking a look at the leak, we confirm the gradual progression of the front of the jersey from black to gray to white is there, with red sleeves running up through the shoulder blade with a black cuff and white adidas stripes on the shoulders. There are horizontal white stripes separating the color gradient with a white stripe going down the middle of the chest, giving an exoskeleton look. The Leidos sponsor logo adorns the middle of the chest in black, while the adidas logo over the right side is also black. The back of the jersey is entirely white and the team will have black numbers.

We have seen in the past that D.C. United likes to maintain a cleaner look for the primary jersey while using the secondary jersey as an opportunity to branch out more with regards to design. One thing remains is that the team has opted to maintain a mostly white jersey when they hit the road.

It should be made clear that what has been leaked here would be the replica jersey, not the authentic version you will see the players wear on the field. The replica jersey lacks some elements from what the team has already revealed from a recent teaser video. There is no henley collar, no MLS patch on the left sleeve, the championship stars are missing above the crest, and the details on the back of the neck and cuff are not present as well. Replica jerseys tend to lack some of the detail that the authentic jerseys possess, and we will see this weekend what those differences are. D.C. United plans to unveil the authentic 2017 secondary jersey Sunday at a sold out Season Ticket Member event.

What do you think of how the Black-and-Red will look on the road in 2017?