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Steve Birnbaum gives us a look at the new D.C. United away jersey

Well this is...interesting?

MLS: D.C. United at Philadelphia Union
This isn’t it. C’mon family.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United defender Steve Birnbaum snuck a peak at the upcoming away/secondary jersey earlier today:

So uh, yeah. Well, red sleeves appear to be in order, but these stripes look like either white or gray, and we’ve got red and white stripes on the shoulders, and a line down the middle, which looks either decorative or...buttons, as our own Ben Bromley shows here:

Maybe it’s a lighting thing and the thoughts on the gray portion on this are unfounded, but there’s a very arthropod exoskeleton/HR Giger thing going on with this preview. There isn’t much time left for the public to take a full gander at these things: they’ll be presumably revealed to the public at a Season Ticket Holder event on February, and the Black-and-Red (and gray?) but before that, they report for preseason in Washington on Monday before going to Florida a week from Thursday.

Thoughts on the teaser?