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The Esky Award, for the D.C. United fan favorite

D.C. United's fan favorite is on the block today: who do you have?

The Esky Award is named for Alecko Eskandarian, former D.C. United forward whose career was cut short due to concussions. Eskandarian vaulted into fan favorite territory with his spitting out the Red Bull goal celebration, which remains one of the best goal celebrations in team history. This award isn't for the best player of the season (that comes later), but for the one for whom you have the most warmth, the most happiness, the most joy. Past winners of this award include Chris Rolfe, Jaime Moreno. Chris Pontius, and LEWIS NEAL.

  1. Chris Rolfe: The headbanded one himself, he lead the team in goalscoring this year while also contributing four assists. His "one shot" in the August 8 game against the Montreal Impact was the only goal of that game, was our player of the Month for April, and was the offensive catalyst whenever everyone else fell short.
  2. Bill Hamid: The best goalkeeper in the league. TCHUB. The Heir Apparent for the USMNT. But was he your favorite D.C. United player this year?
  3. Steve Birnbaum: The Birdbomb had a sneakily good season, despite being moved around a lot. He is an aerial force, a good tackler, and the future of D.C. United's defense. Plus, he's got the dance moves.
  4. Nick DeLeon: NDL may get some flack for his essential but unsexy play, but he is United through and through. From the tattoo on his arm, to pounding the badge in 2012, he has made this team his own. He continued this year to be a key cog in keeping them midfield moving, and his passing will be required in any future team that emphasizes possession.
  5. Fabian Espindola: D.C. United's mercurial forward can be divisive, but too many fans nominated him for me to leave him off. When he is on, he is the most creative player on the team and can create something out of nothing. And just this offseason, he issued a challenge in the Spanish-language press that United needs to challenge for a trophy.

So, who was your favorite player of this 2015 season? Remember, MVP is coming up later.