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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: America wins at soccer everywhere, more soccer entering the region, and further concussion concerns

Also, mandatory shape enlightenment

Colombia v United States Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, folks. This Wednesday morning sees a world devoid of D.C. United news. Sometimes no news is good news though, so I’ll just be happy we’re not hearing about some scandal or season-ending injury. To the kicks!

USWNT 2-0 Columbia: Weather caused this match to finish after midnight, but the payoff was worth it as the USWNT won their final friendly before the CONCACAF Championship. This shouldn’t be surprising when the Washington Spirit make up 27% of the entire roster, but a Washington Spirit player (Kelley O’Hara) was responsible for the second goal, and it was a nice one.

USYNT 2-0 Costa Rica: The U-20 team also won a match last night 2-0 with a brace from the Union’s Paxton Aaronson. I’m beginning to think this Aaronson family knows how to soccer. This win locks the USYNT into next year’s U-20 World Cup. A win on Friday against Honduras or Panama will qualify the team somewhere they haven’t been in a surprisingly long time: the Olympics.

It is at this time where I realized even more National Team matchups occurred yesterday. In an effort to not turn this into a complete US National Team post, I just want you all to know that the U23 Women beat Sweden 0-3 and the U20 Women outscored the Netherlands in PKs to win the Sud Ladies Cup. Big success yesterday for ball kickers in American flags!

NPSL Coming to Annapolis in 2023: More soccer in the region? Nice. Kyle Beckerman in the ownership group? Nice.

CTE Is Diagnosed in ex-MLS Player: The Boston University CTE Center has diagnosed Scott Vermillion (a once-D.C. United player) with CTE. Vermillion passed away in 2020. The MLSPA made a statement on the matter, calling for more concussion protocols, namely an official adoption of a concussion substitution to prioritize the safety of the injured player.

There are often a radical number of ideas thrown around to solve the concussion issue in soccer. I shudder every time someone suggests removing headers from the sport. Personally, I see soccer helmets one day being instituted on a mass scale. I will lament the effect this has on hair styles, but I’d rather have healthy human beings. Besides, Rooney himself showed us there are helmets out there that don’t have to cover the entire head (not that he had much of a hair style to show off).

Man Utd via Getty Images

At last, I’m sparing everyone from motorsports today in favor of inviting you all into my favorite cult order. Watch this video, brothers and sisters, and be at peace knowing the bestagon. You will thank me.

Now go. Share the enlightenment of the order with others.