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D.C. United’s Joseph Mora gets his green card

Now considered a permanent resident, Mora no longer counts as an international in MLS

D.C. United defender Joseph Mora has acquired a green card, paving the way for United to make multiple international signings within this transfer window. Mora, 26, joined the Black-and-Red back in March of 2018, and has had to miss several days of training recently to jet back to his native Costa Rica in order to get the relevant paperwork sorted out.

With Mora now a domestic player for MLS roster purposes, United has six current internationals: Leonardo Jara, Junior Moreno, Marquinhos Pedroso, Lucas Rodriguez, Wayne Rooney, and Ulises Segura. Segura, Moreno, and Rooney would have the shortest timeline to acquire green cards of their own, though there is no guarantee that the process is strictly based on time spent. For example, Mora arrived after Segura and Moreno, but has his permanent residency already.

For United, Mora’s change in status frees up an international roster spot. With Zoltan Stieber leaving the club last week, that gives Dave Kasper two such spots to work with as we head towards the end of the transfer window. With the re-acquistion of Yamil Asad and a new link with Kosovo winger Elba Rashani being the main rumors at the moment, Mora getting his green card taken care of quickly will probably end up being crucial.