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Tom Hunt leaves D.C. United

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The club announced the departure of the President of Business Operations

Dave Kasper, Jason Levien, Ben Olsen, and Tom Hunt

D.C. United announced on Wednesday afternoon that Tom Hunt, the team’s President of Business Operations, left the club to pursue another opportunity. Hunt, who joined the team early in 2014, was integral in overseeing the development of Audi Field, the new home for the Black-and-Red, which hosted it’s first game this past weekend.

“We want to thank Tom for his years of service and commitment to the club,” said General Managing Partner and CEO Jason Levien, in a press release. “He was a valued part of the team that turned the opening of our new world class home, Audi Field, into a historic success.”

According to Steven Goff, of the Washington Post, Hunt is headed out west to work with the Sacramento Kings, of the National Basketball Association. Hunt had previously worked for the NBA team in a different role, before moving to the Washington, D.C. area.

After leaving the Kings organization, Hunt worked with Monumental Sports & Entertainment, the ownership group that currently owns the Washington Capitals, the Washington Wizards, and the Washington Mystic, all of which play at Capital One Center in Chinatown.

Hunt was brought into the United family eight months after the original deal to build a stadium at Buzzard Point was announced. Hunt, along with recently departed Troy Scott, were heavily involved in the completion of Audi Field. Hunt and Scott were part of the group that made presentations in front of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D and the D.C. Zoning Commission, as United pushed plans for the stadium at Buzzard Point through.

Hunt was also in charge of the team’s pivot to it’s new crest, which was unveiled back in December 2015.

The team did not immediately announce a replacement for Hunt, who has spent much of his life working in the sports and entertainment industry.

Unrelated, the team announced yesterday that they had hired Chris Hull as Senior Advisor in Communications and Business Operations. Hull, a native of England, had been helping the team in recent weeks with the arrival of Wayne Rooney to the team. He has also partnered up with Dave Johnson for United broadcasts, providing color commentary.