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2018 World Cup

France vs. Croatia World Cup Final TV/Streaming info

It’s kind of a big day for soccer

How to watch Belgium vs. England online

A third place game with both teams having something to prove

2018 World Cup TV/Streaming info: how to watch Croatia vs. England

The British look to bring it home, or play for a chance to do so.

World Cup semifinal TV/Streaming info: France vs. Belgium

Here’s hoping two wonderfully talented teams put on a show in Saint Petersburg

World Cup quarterfinals TV/streaming info: SWE vs. ENG and RUS vs. CRO

Be honest: Are these the teams you expected to see here?

How to watch Uruguay-France & Brazil-Belgium

The stakes are high

World Cup Round of 16 TV/Streaming info: SWE vs. SUI & COL vs. ENG

The Round of 16 ends today, and all four teams playing have to like the way the bracket looks

2018 World Cup, day 19: Time, TV schedule and how to watch Brazil vs. Mexico and Belgium v. Japan

A big matchup in today’s Round of 16

World Cup day 13 TV/Streaming info: JAP vs. POL, SEN vs. COL, PAN vs. TUN, ENG vs. BEL

The last two Groups wrap up play today before knockouts begin.

World Cup Day 14 TV/streaming info: KOR vs. GER, MEX vs. SWE, SRB vs. BRA, SUI vs. CRC

The only thing we know for certain is that Costa Rica are out. Otherwise: let the chaos begin!

World Cup day 13 - TV/Streaming info: DEN vs. FRA, AUS vs. PER, NGA vs. ARG, ISL vs. CRO

Argentina must win to stay alive in the World Cup

World Cup day 12 TV/Streaming info: URU vs. RUS, KSA vs. EGY, ESP vs. MAR, IRN vs POR

Group A is down to who finishes in first, while Group B hinges on the scoreline in Iran vs. Portugal

World Cup day 9 TV/Streaming info: ENG vs. PAN, JAP vs. SEN, POL vs. COL

Enjoy the last day and get ready for a schedule change.

World Cup day 10 TV/streaming info: BEL vs. TUN, KOR vs. MEX, GER vs. SWE

Can current champions Germany redeem themselves? TBD. Group F is gonna be lit today.

World Cup day 9 TV/Streaming info: BRA vs. CRC, NGA vs. ISL, SRB vs. SUI

Today has a lot to follow-up to, but it just might.

World Cup day 8 TV/Streaming info: DEN vs. AUS, FRA vs. PER, ARG vs. CRO

Today could be the most entertaining day of the whole World Cup

World Cup day 6: TV/Streaming info: COL vs. JPN, POL vs. SEN, RUS vs. EGY

Will Mo Salah suit up for Egypt?

World Cup Day 5 TV/Streaming Info: SWE vs. KOR, BEL vs. PAN, TUN vs. ENG

Welcome to the World Cup, Panama!

World Cup day 4 TV/Streaming info: CRC vs. SRB, GER vs. MEX, BRA vs. SUI

El Tri faces the defending champs amid an intriguing day’s worth of games

2018 World Cup: Time, TV schedule and how to watch France vs. Australia online

4 matches on deck today, so prep accordingly.

World Cup day 2 TV/Streaming info: EGY vs. URU, MAR vs. IRN, ESP vs. POR

Here’s what you need to know for the first full day of games from Russia

2018 World Cup: Here’s who we’re rooting for

Without a D.C. United player to support, our staff has picked a wide range of countries to follow in Russia

World Cup day 1 TV/Streaming info: RUS vs. KSA

This year’s World Cup opener is a game both teams probably need to win if they want to advance


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