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2018 World Cup: Time, TV schedule and how to watch Sweden vs. England and Russia vs. Croatia online

Be honest: Are these the teams you expected to see here?

With the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals finishing up, we’re inching ever closer to finding out who’ll lift the trophy this time around. We’re being treated to two match-ups today that many of you may not have predicted—and if you had Russia in the quarterfinals...I need receipts.

But two of these teams will be headed to the semifinals, and one could even win the whole thing. As we’re all well aware by now, this tournament is bananas.

Sweden vs. England

What to watch for: Did you see Sweden making it this far? England? Well, they have, and this will likely be a tight contest. Sweden get flak for being not exactly the most exciting team out there, but damn if they don’t commit to a plan. England, for their part, had to rely on penalties to get past Colombia after giving up a very late goal, so they’ll surely be looking for a more straightforward win. My gut’s telling me this one goes into extra time, though.

Location: Samara Arena, Samara

Kickoff time: 10:00am Eastern

Available TV: Fox, Telemundo

Available streaming: Fox Sports GO, Telemundo

Russia vs. Croatia

What to watch for: I mean, what? Croatia—hi, it’s lovely to have you here. You’ve sort of become World Cup darlings the last few weeks, topping your group, advancing over Denmark after some tense penalties, boasting a team that’s been downright fun to watch. And then there’s Russia, probably only here because they’re the hosts, and improbably taking Spain to penalties and somehow winning out. Soccer! It’s amazing! Who can say, really, what will happen next?

Location: Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi

Kickoff time: 2:00pm Eastern

Available TV: Fox, Telemundo

Available streaming: Fox Sports GO, Telemundo

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