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The Etchy Award, for D.C. United's most valuable player

We've come to the last Benny Award, that for D.C. United's most valuable player of 2015.

We have reached the end of the Benny Awards season, so there is only one more award to give out: The Etchy Award, given to D.C. United's most valuable player. The award is obviously named after El Diablo himself, Marco Etcheverry, who was the catalyst of those early D.C. United teams and who was named the MLS MVP in 1998. Past winners of this award include Bill Hamid, Perry Kitchen, Chris Pontius, Andy Najar, Jaime Moreno, and Dejan Jakovic.

  1. Bill Hamid: Played in less games for D.C. United this season over last, but was still the best goalkeeper in the league. And, even more so than last year, had you replaced Hamid with someone like Joe Bendik, United would have struggled to make the playoffs at best. Don't take any of his appearances this year or, especially, next year for granted, because each one takes us closer to him leaving us for overseas.
  2. Perry Kitchen: The team's rock in central midfield, Perry Kitchen was quieter than he was last year, but no less important. It still remains true that United has not won a league game without Kitchen on the field during his entire tenure. He may be leaving for Europe in the next few weeks, but we will miss him nonetheless.
  3. Chris Rolfe: The Magic Headband, the leading scorer on the team, and source of most of its creativity this year. He did whatever was asked of him, playing on the left, playing up top, playing in the hole. Without Rolfe, D.C. United's moribund attack would have been downright nonexistent.
  4. Davy Arnaud: The unsung hero of the midfield, Arnaud does all of the dirty work: he tackles, he breaks up play, he commits tactical fouls, he keeps the ball moving. And his value was never more starkly seen as when he went out with a concussion late in the season: United's midfield never looked the same. His future is still up in the air, but there is no denying what Arnaud did for the team this past season.

You all only gave me four options, so who do you think is D.C. United's 2015 MVP?