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D.C. United vs. New England Revolution preview: Throwback Thursday - Branko Boskovic nearly saves us all

One windy Maryland night in 2011, Branko Boskovic happened.

With D.C. United advancing in the U.S. Open Cup and with the team facing the New England Revolution this weekend, I decided to mash up the two for today's Throwback Thursday post. As many of you have already figured out by now, we're going to Brankostock.

What was Brankostock? It was an event attended by only a few thousand, though many more have claimed to have been there in the intervening years. It was a festival in the Maryland countryside that burned so hot and so bright and so fast it extinguished in little more than an instant after forever changing the lives of those lucky few to witness it. It was the pivotal moment in the story of Branko Boskovic's time in Black-and-Red.

I'll say off the top, United didn't win this game. Defensive miscues gifted the Revs three goals before Boskovic took center stage, and a leg-breaking tackle (shown in the video below) ensured that the Montenegrin's time in the spotlight would be tantalizingly brief. Nevertheless, Boskovic scored twice from the run of play during his moment in the sun, and he nearly curled in two more from free kicks.

Oh, and Andy Najar did some pretty sweet dribbling in there, too.

But the main point is this: Bodkin, we hardly knew ye, and yet we miss you - the idea of you - dearly. We shall never see his like again.