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Freedom Kicks for 16 October 2014: USWNT, USMNT, Juergen Klinsmann, Don Garber

It was an exciting day in the realm of US national teams.

Jim Rogash

Not much D.C. United news out there today, so we jump into everything else this morning. Here we go!

Steve Goff has what little D.C. United news there is, including Davy Arnaud, attendance, and TV coverage.

USA vs. Trinidad and Tobago: Final score 1-0, USWNT not at their best - There was plenty yelling and concern in the world of both senior US national teams yesterday. At least for the women's team, that concern was about the actual play on the field.

Well-adjusted Christen Press aims to leave her mark on star-laden USWNT | Nice profile on Christen Press, one of my favorite of the newer USWNT players.

What Don Garber got right and wrong - The Washington Post: For the men's team, on the other hand, it was about Juergen Klinsmann's comments about Major League Soccer and Don Garber's ill-advised response to them.

Full Don Garber teleconference about Klinsmann's MLS comments | Soccerly: The full recording of the 27 minute call if you want to hear Angry Don.

Dominic Kinnear to take over as head coach of San Jose Earthquakes at conclusion of 2014 MLS regular season - Center Line Soccer: All of this national team news overshadowed the biggest MLS news of the day: after two championships and nine seasons, Dom Kinnear is leaving the Houston Dynamo to go back to San Jose.

Dominic Kinnear moving to San Jose, time to move on - Dynamo Theory: The people over at Dynamo Theory also give their perspective on Kinnear's move.

Real Yelp reviews from real MLS stadiums | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture: "Honestly, the nicest part of the stadium is the parking lot."

That's all I have this morning. What's on your mind?