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Vote for Fabian Espindola's cheeky for MLS Goal of the Week

Go! Vote!

D.C. United scored two phenomenal goals against the Houston Dynamo on Sunday, along with one clinical and composed - if run-of-the-mill - finish. The opener was a laser through traffic from second-year fullback Taylor Kemp, and it might have been nominated for Goal of the Week if not for the second goal, which is on this week's shortlist. That one was a thing of beauty that showed us everything we love about Fabian Espindola.

Starting even before Sean Franklin's clearance truly started the play, Fabi made Brad Davis' free kick as difficult as possible without conceding a retake. Deep in United's own half, Espindola turned to provide a shorter outlet target and prevent an easy recirculation if Houston maintained possession in the ensuing chaos. But when that clearance came, we saw the instant recognition and then, the pace. Espindola established enough of a cushion over Davis and the rest of the retreating defense that he comfortably slowed down to maintain control as he approached Tyler Deric's box. When Tyler came off his line to cut down the angle, we saw Espindola's cheek. And his skill. The chip floated ever so delicately over the sprawling goalkeeper and into the net.

All that added up to a Goal of the Week nomination for the Argentine. Which means you, D.C. United fans, have a job to do. Head on over to the league website and vote for Fabi. Then tell your friends to do it, too. And have them tell their friends. And so on, and so on until the whole world has voted for Fabi. (Then we can feel a little bit bad that we didn't use our untapped organizing potential for something bigger than Goal of the Week, but not too bad because GotW is still pretty good. Right?)