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Vote now for Bill Hamid's stop on Giles Barnes for MLS Save of the Week

Bill Hamid wasn't called upon too much in D.C. United's win in Houston on Sunday, but when he was, United's goalkeeper answered the call in spectacular fashion. And now it's your civic duty to vote for that save.

In what has been the best year of his playing career to date, Bill Hamid has once again earned an MLS Save of the Week nomination. His latest effort, an insane reaction save against Giles Barnes, who picked up on Brad Davis' dummy and drove his shot against the grain. By rights, he should have wrong-footed D.C. United's homegrown goalkeeper and drawn the Houston Dynamo level with United at one goal apiece. But there was Bill Hamid, shifting his weight and getting his hands in position to block the shot and put the rebound toward a player in black-and-red.

And it's that level of difficulty, combined with the deceptive apparent ease of execution, that makes this a Save of the Week nominee. Bill did the hard part; now it's on us to do the easy thing and vote for Bill. So head on over to and vote for Bill Hamid. We may not have Congressional representation in the District, but we can still vote for minor awards on soccer websites. And those of you in the Commonwealth and the Old Line State, who can vote for Representatives and Senators, you know better than to waste the franchise, however low the stakes. Anyway... Rock the Vote! For Bill!