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D.C. United Selects Chris Korb In Second Round Of 2011 MLS Draft

D.C. United has missed the playoffs three years in a row now. Prior to today, there weren't a whole lot of players left on the roster who have had a whole lot of recent success. But D.C. has now added two players who have won a championship in the last month.

After selecting arguably best overall player Akron midfielder Perry Kitchen in the first round, United has now added his teammate Chris Korb in round two.

Korb started every single game for the Zips the past three seasons and helped his team set records for goals against average (0.27) and shutouts (19) while playing mostly at left back. According to Korb, he can play on either the left or the right. Thinking we'll need you most on the left, buddy.

Korb mentioned that his favorite players are Lionel Messi, Carlos Puyol, and Thierry Henry, one of which he'll have the chance to defend this season. He also told us about how Akron Coach Caleb Porter helps prepare his players for the next level, saying that he "tries to make it a pro environment."

The defender mentioned that he attended a D.C. United game as a kid "when I was like 8, or maybe 10". I asked Korb if there were any players on United's roster that he's looking forward to playing with, besides Kitchen. I expected to hear names like Andy Najar or Santino Quaranta, but instead Korb answered that he's excited to play with Barry Rice, saying "I haven't played with him since I was a kid".

Korb closed out the interview smartly with a little bit of coachspeak.

I just want to play to the best of my ability, get better every day, do what Coach tells me to do.