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Week 22 SBNhanced MLS Power Rankings

Team Total vote count First Tier votes Last week's Tier
Tier 1 - Teams Contending For Cups
Real Salt Lake 24 8 1
Columbus Crew 24 8 1
FC Dallas 22 6 1
Tier 2 - Teams Likely in the Playoffs
LA Galaxy 18 2 1
NY Red Bulls 18 2 2
Seattle Sounders 16 0 2
Tier 3 - Teams On the Outside Looking In
Colorado Rapids 13 0 3
SJ Earthquakes 11 0 2
Chicago Fire 9 0 3
KC Wizards 9 0 3
Toronto FC 8 0 3
Tier 4 - Teams Competing for #3 Draft Pick
Chivas USA 1 0 4
NE Revolution 1 0 4
Houston Dynamo 0 0 4
Philadelphia Union 0 0 4
DC United 0 0 4

Could it be? The mighty sure have fallen. It took 22 weeks, but for the first time all season the Los Angeles Galaxy are no longer in the top tier.

Does this even make sense though? They're still the MLS point leaders. Are we seriously to believe that the team with the best record in the league is not going to be a championship contender?

This just goes to show that the SBNhanced Power Rankings don't necessarily coincide very much with the MLS Standings. Their purpose is to track how a team is performing, and project out through the remainder of the season and predict where each team will wind up.

The rest of the rankings continue to be fairly flat. The San Jose Earthquakes dropped down a level after their loss to the New York. But other than that, we're expecting the rankings to remain fairly constant for the rest of the season. But we also expected L.A. to remain at the top, so what do we know?