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Would United fans be interested in Jeff Cunningham?

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This man is riding the Dallas bench, but has more MLS goals than anyone aside from Jaime Moreno. DC United has only 11 goals all season.  Are you interested?
This man is riding the Dallas bench, but has more MLS goals than anyone aside from Jaime Moreno. DC United has only 11 goals all season. Are you interested?

If you pay attention to the rest of MLS, you might have noticed that FC Dallas started their new forward Milton Rodriguez tonight, in the first game he was eligible to play. Over the past few weeks, they had been sending out Atiba Harris as their lone striker (with Honduran speedster Marvin Chavez at the right midfield spot Harris normally played). While Cunningham did enter the game at halftime, it stands to reason that at this point, Cunningham is Schellas Hyndman's third-choice forward.

So I'm mulling that over, and looking at the MLS standings, and I see our 11 goals on the season. Really, it jumps out and slaps me in the face, as it does every time I see that figure. A beer later, the two thoughts meet up inside my head, and I can't help but be curious: Is this something we should pursue?

Here are some pros and cons:

Pro: Cunningham scored 15 goals just last year, and almost all of them came after the all-star break. While he's not as fast as he once was, he'd still be our fastest striker by a wide margin. Also, Dallas might be willing to part with him, since they don't need a potentially unhappy bench player endangering what is a promising squad (they've only lost 2 games all season, after all). Despite his age, Cunningham doesn't look like he's about to retire any time soon. He's still pretty fit and he's always had deceptive physical strength for someone that's only 5'8". He's probably got two more years of good soccer left in him, and might even have three.

Con: Cunningham turns 34 next month, no matter how fit he might appear. Perhaps more alarmingly, he's been plagued by rumors of being a tough guy for coaches to deal with throughout his career. To this point, one of the only good things you can say about our players is that they've stuck together and are not falling apart as a locker room. This would probably jeopardize that bond. There's also the fact that Dallas would almost certainly bend us over the barrel on the trade. Given our recent tendency to end up losing out on trades, this would probably be another example of overpaying for someone. Finally, Onalfo clearly prefers a two-man strike force. Cunningham, meanwhile, has always played his best soccer without a partner. Reconciling these two facts would be tricky.

I'm not advocating a trade by any means, but I am at least willing to think about it (as well as other moves). I realize that playing MLS fantasy trader is a silly thing to engage in, but thinking about the team in its current state is ruining my night. Cunningham's speed and finishing ability would both be miles ahead of any of our current forwards (Pablo Hernandez may or may not be that sharp of a finisher, but he has shown that he's not particularly fast). On the other hand, the cons I've listed are all legitimate worries.

If we weren't so offensively inept, I wouldn't entertain this idea for a second. However, can beggars really afford to be picky?